Plant Based Nutrition.

Make sure you're getting Vegan Nutrition right.
Download everything you need to know in our Plant Based Nutrition ebook or work with Matt directly.


Everything you need to know to get Plant Based Nutrition Right:

  • What to eat.
  • How much to eat.
  • And most importantly WHY.

Plus 28 awesome healthy recipes, example meal plan, shopping list, how to create buddha bowls and more!

For a taste of what's inside, you're welcome to download the FREE introduction.



An easy to follow meal plan that's tailored specifically to YOUR goals & the foods YOU like to eat. We calculate the calories & make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need whilst you enjoy eating the food.

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One to one coaching with all the support you need. Weekly checkins & on hand email support ensures you make the quickest progress towards your goals. Plus all the education you need to make the most of this healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.

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Q.  Who is suitable for plant based nutrition coaching?
Anyone wanting to get a vegan diet right.  Whether you just want to eat less animal products or you're already vegan and experienced with whole food plant based nutrition.

Q.  How is this available?
Get a taste of what’s on offer in my FREE Ebook.  Then download the full version HERE for awesome meals and a simple breakdown of how to thrive on a plant based diet.  Seasonal meal plans, individualised programmes & educational seminars. are also available.


"Working with Matt was crucial running up to my Olympic debut. Not only is he technically advanced, but he is also a skilled motivator!"

Chris Mears
Olympic Gold - Rio 2016
"MotoGP is a complex equation: be strong, be agile, be out on track (even after injury). Matt is able to turn text book into reality and keep it fun along the way. The job's not for everyone, but those who can do it, make a huge difference."
Bradley Smith
"Matt's coaching has allowed me to perform at my peak, week in week out. I would strongly encourage anyone looking to get ahead of the competition to enlist Matt's help."
Matt Miles
England Counties Captain & Former Professional Rugby Player

Matt Dickens

Matt has worked in professional sports for over 10 years; with Olympic champions & international rugby players to world-class motorsport racers & alpine skiers.  He’s worked with incredible practitioners and athletes from all over the world.  He’s learnt the common threads of optimal performance whilst understanding how to tailor them to specific individuals.  He has an MSC in Strength & Conditioning and a wealth of scientific supported knowledge in all areas of human performance.

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