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Strength & conditioning, injury rehabilitation and all round performance coaching in Brighton & Hove, Sussex, the South of England and online.
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Performance Coaching: 
A complete holistic approach to maximising your performance, reducing stress and making the most of life. Scroll down to see our performance model and apply for your FREE consultation.

Strength & Conditioning Coaching:
For athletes & individuals looking to improve athletic performance in Brighton & Hove and the South of England. From running to rugby; MMA or extreme sports, our extensive experience will give you the tools to reach your full potential.

Injury Rehabilitation: 
So many people struggle with on going niggles or returning to the sport they love after a big injury. Matt's rehabbed ACL ruptures to perform in the Olympics, shoulder dislocations to play International Rugby and crippling Lower Back Pain to perform at the highest levels in all kinds of sports. Don't let an injury stop you from doing what you love, get in touch now to make a rehab plan.

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Performance Coaching:
There's nothing like a FREE trial to see how effective online coaching can be. Apply now for a FREE 30 minute consultation. In that time we'll make an effective plan for you

Strength & Conditioning: 
Matt's worked with athletes all around the world, making gains and maximising performance through consistent, professional programming. If you're autonomous and proficient enough to follow a well structured training program, get in touch to see if we can help boost your performance even further.

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Please check our Education page for upcoming workshops & guided development for S&C coaches and personal trainers. Current workshops include:

  • Introduction to S&C: Effective coaching of movement, mobility & weightlifting.

  • Foundations of S&C: Key Movement Skills for ALL Young Athletes.

  • Performance Coaching in MotoGP: World Class performance at 350km/h.

  • Explosive Lifting for Sports Performance: Ensuring transfer from the gym to the field & piste.
  • Optimal Performance: Using the tools of World Class athletes to perform your best & make the most of life.
  • Plant Based Nutrition: How to thrive on a Plant Based Diet.

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optimal health coaching model

Each element holds 3 pillars that form the foundations of Optimal Health:

Physical Fitness
  • Aerobic Capacity
  • Strength
  • Mobility
Mental Clarity
  • Core Values & Purpose
  • Mindset
  • Mindfulness & Appreciation
  • Movement
  • Work
  • Efficiency
  • Environment
  • Sleep
  • Smiles
  • Quantity
  • Quality
  • Nourishment
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optimal performance coaching model

From the pillars of Optimal Health we build towards Optimal Performance:

  • Muscular Power
  • Specific Work Capacity
  • Rate of Recovery
  • Engagement
  • Instinct
  • Reflection
  • Uniqueness
  • Effortless
  • Diverse
  • Consistency
  • Recovery
  • Connection
  • Marginal Gains
  • Endocrine Optimisation
  • Anti Inflammatory
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strength and conditioning coaching chris mears

"Working with Matt was crucial running up to my Olympic debut. Not only is he technically advanced, but he is also a skilled motivator!"

Chris Mears
Olympic Gold - Rio 2016
strength and conditioning coaching bradley smith
"MotoGP is a complex equation: be strong, be agile, be out on track (even after injury). Matt is able to turn text book into reality and keep it fun along the way. The job's not for everyone, but those who can do it, make a huge difference. "
MotoGP - Aprilia Racing
strength and conditioning coaching rugby
"Matt's coaching has allowed me to perform at my peak, week in week out. I would strongly encourage anyone looking to get ahead of the competition to enlist Matt's help."
Matt Miles
England Counties Captain
strength and conditioning coach matt dickens

Matt Dickens

Matt has worked in professional sports for over 10 years; with Olympic champions & international rugby players to world-class motorsport racers & alpine skiers.  He’s worked with incredible practitioners and athletes from all over the world.  He’s learnt the common threads of optimal performance whilst understanding how to tailor them to specific individuals.  He has an MSC in Strength & Conditioning and a wealth of scientific supported knowledge in all areas of human performance.

This knowledge and experience combined with a huge love of life, has led to the Atlas Health + Performance philosophy where a foundation of Optimal Health leads to Optimal Performance.

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